The DOJ Financial Management training serves as a general reference to assist OJP, OVW, and COPS Office award recipients in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility to safeguard grant funds and ensure funds are used for the purposes for which they were awarded. There may be instances where the award requirements differ among the three grant-making components. Therefore, recipients (and subrecipients) should refer to their award terms and conditions to determine the specific requirements that apply to their award.

In December 2014, the Department of Justice adopted a regulation that, for the most part, applies the administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements set out at 2.C.F.R. Part 200 DOJ grants and cooperative agreements, starting with awards (including supplements) made by DOJ after December 26, 2014.

Background information and numerous resources related to this new DOJ regulation, referred to as "the Part 200 Uniform Requirements," are available on the OJP website at

This particular DOJ resource supplements the information included in OJP's Introduction to the Part 200 Uniform Requirements (available at the webpage above). DOJ expects every DOJ award recipient who uses this DOJ training resource to already be fully familiar with the information on OJP's Part 200 Uniform Requirements Resource Page, including in particular the Introduction to the Part 200 Uniform Requirements, the 2015 DOJ Grants Financial Guide (if applicable), as well as the terms and conditions of the relevant award.