About the Trainings

DOJ is offering two grants financial management trainings on this site. Both courses are basic-level grants financial management courses. The topics are broken out into separate modules, with each training course taking as much as 16 - 20 hours to complete. Once you have completed the overall registration process, you may select the appropriate training course, download the case study available on the "Available Courses/Registration" navigation tab, and begin taking each module (in order) at your own pace. You will have 1 full year from the initial registration date to complete an entire course.

Each course module is followed by several review questions to test your comprehension of the course material just covered. Upon completion of each set of questions, you will receive immediate feedback on your response, including an explanation when you’ve made an error. You are welcome to review each module and complete each set of review questions until you are satisfied you have mastered the topic. The results of your review quizzes do not impact your chances of passing the overall course. Please remember that you can also refer to the appropriate DOJ Financial Guide at any time while you are taking one of the courses.

After you have completed all the modules, you will have the option of taking the final examination. The final exam consists of 40 questions, primarily multiple-choice and true/false questions. You must achieve a score of 70 percent or better to pass. Students failing the examination the first time may retake a second exam once. If you fail the final examination twice you will be prevented from taking the exam again; if taking this course is a special condition for your award, you will then need to contact your program manager to discuss additional training alternatives.

The only prerequisite for taking this online training is that you must be associated with a specific grant award number and vendor identification number, as awarded by DOJ. After you have completed and passed the full course, you can return after a 2-year period for a refresher.

After passing the final exam, you will have an opportunity to complete a short evaluation. You will then be provided with the opportunity to print a certificate of completion. The certificate can be used to indicate proof of successfully completing the course; you also can seek continuing education credits in a number of fields, including accounting and grants management.

Ready to register for one of the courses? Please have ready a valid and current grant award number, as well as your organization’s vendor identification number. Please advance to the next tab, Available Courses/Registration.
Last modified: Thursday, January 3, 2019, 4:11 PM